With a group understanding of running  one of the largest and most successful multi-franchise dealer groups in the UK, the team at Landar ensure  the complex web of relationships deliver a true customer first focus.

Over the last 13 years Landar has worked with numerous motor manufacturers, dealer groups and fleet operators building tailored service offerings to meet the specific demands of our customers. We do this through a collaborative approach, understanding your requirements in detail and applying  our knowledge and experience to ensure a tailored  solution to deliver the required results.

At Landar we firmly believe no two customers are the same, therefore no two programmes we offer are the same; put it simply we don’t do “off the shelf”.

Our approach is collaborative; first and foremost, we listen. We gain a detailed understanding of your challenges and your requirements, we agree your target objectives and then we design a programme that will deliver against these.

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We have a team of analysts and programme managers that have the skills needed to analyse your data and turn this into intelligence that allows informed decisions to be made.  This not only gives you a starting point but with the analytical tools we have available to us we are able to provide “what if” scenarios that allow for business-critical decisions that support your strategic intentions.

Our programme managers are then with you throughout the life of the programme we put in place. In order to ensure success, we immerse ourselves in your company, often taking on your identity. We can only do this if we understand your required customer journey and expectations, your values and vision.

Whether a dedicated service is provided in a standalone facility or whether you decide to outsource the service offering to us in one of our Customer Service Centres your programme manager will provide a constant single point of contact that enables continuity of service and progression in the programme itself.

Once embedded we are constantly monitoring and reviewing the programmes performance to ensure we continue to deliver against the agreed objectives.

In summary Landar offer tailored programmes that are Designed, Delivered, Driven; By Us For You.

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