Product overview:

With the average car having 30,000 unique parts we understand that sometimes they will go wrong and we are ready with a flexible solution that will keep your customers moving whatever it takes.

This is a specialist area of expertise for Landar and we currently administer replacement vehicle programmes on behalf of many of the UK’s leading motor manufacturers, keeping some 74,000 customers moving each year.

The service does not just keep your customers moving, it also keeps them loyal, reassured and above all else protected from other brands.

Product benefits:

  • Every scheme is tailored to your exacting requirements meaning your customers receive the exact service you want them to
  • Data analysis allows for a cost-effective programme to be measured and managed
  • Landar act as a single point of contact between roadside provider, manufacturer internal teams, manufacturer repairers and the end user customer
  • The replacement vehicle is usually newer than the customers own vehicle (vehicles are kept on fleet for 6 months maximum) meaning the customer has a test drive of your newest technologies
  • Landar funds the purchase of a “relief fleet” that is used to manage occasions where your customers vehicles are off the road ensuring a branded replacement vehicle is provided
  • Reduced management time as Landar become your single supplier
  • Improved and consistent service (through reduced use of numerous daily rental companies)
  • Reduced cost of providing onward mobility for your customers (through reduced use of daily rental companies)

Don’t just take our word for it, the below is a quote made by one of our motor manufacturer partners at the end of 2017: –

“A massive thanks to each of you for the hard work and dedicated way you have expertly navigated the twists and turns involved in keeping our customers mobile in what has been at times, a challenging year. You take care of our customers in one of the most vulnerable times in their vehicle ownership, so making their experience so positive, stress free and easy as possible is critical to their continued enjoyment of, and loyalty to, our wonderful brands.”

Press play to show a short animation explaining our replacement vehicle offering that not only insulates your customers when they are at their most vulnerable but also turns after-sales into sales.

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