Vehicle demonstrator programme

Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Our vehicle demonstrator programmes offer real value add, which has resulted in increased levels of customer satisfaction and increased unit sales for our customer base. We operate a simple “two click” on-line booking system that allows your Retailers to select the exact car your customer is looking to test-drive. With images of the car and full vehicle specification recorded your customer can start to experience the car before they even sit in it, generating unparalleled excitement and anticipation.

Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Highly Trained & Passionate

Our highly trained and exceptionally passionate customer service teams thrive on delivering a service that surpasses yours and your customers’ expectations and whilst data analysis may be our brain our people are without question our heart…meaning with Landar you get heart and minds!

Once the demonstrator vehicle is booked our people do the rest, working alongside our logistics providers (or your own if you prefer) we get the car delivered on time every time. We offer a variety of delivery and collection options, all of which can be tailored to your / your customers’ requirements.

After Sales

More than just sales

But we aren’t just about selling…we also deliver programmes that offer reassurance of brand at a time that matters most.

Imagine one of your customers, they may have been a loyal customer for many years or a new customer who has always aspired to drive one of your products. We understand the average car has around 30,000 parts, all unique and no matter how much effort you put into joining these parts together, things break.

You need an efficient, responsive and reassuring team that starts to re-build loyalty and assurance right from that initial break point.

Working with your breakdown provider we provide leading edge mobility programmes that keep your customers disruption to a minimum as we take control of the situation and own it to successful resolution.

This service has many guises and working with you we will implement a service that represents you and offers that all important reassurance to your customers. We offer a full end to end service that keeps your customer mobile whilst their vehicle is being repaired. We can source a mobility solution that meets their and your needs and we will even run a standalone fleet of replacement vehicles to keep your customers mobile, resulting in increased brand loyalty and reassurance.

Data capture and analysis is the brains behind all of our programmes

Find out how our data capture and analytics service underpins everything we do and how it will benefit your business.

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